Alt Summit 2020 – First Impressions

I’m on an adventure! I’ve come all the way to Palm Springs, California to attend Alt Summit, a conference and community for creative entrepreneurs and influencers (https://altitudesummit.com/). I’m so excited to be here and I’ve been looking forward to it for months. I will be doing a post next week on the full conference, but here are my first impressions since my arrival…

I flew in to Los Angeles and spent a couple of days with my friends who live out there before heading to Palm Springs. The big question I had was how would I get here from LA? I debated renting a car or getting a cab but decided both of those options would be too expensive so in the end I booked a Greyhound bus. Well, let me tell you now, it was quite an experience! The bus itself was fine, but waiting to board at the station in a dodgy part of LA and getting dropped in the middle of nowhere and hoping an Uber wasn’t far away was not really my idea of fun! Once I had arrived at my hotel I found Palm Springs to be a lovely place full of cute mid-century style houses and stunning scenery; plenty of palm trees against a backdrop of mountains and blue sky. 

The conference is split over three hotels: The Riviera, The Saguaro and Ace. I’m staying at the Riviera, which is where the majority of talks and workshops are taking place. After a nice lunch in the hotel restaurant I headed over to the Chiki pool for registration and the welcome party where they had a soda and popcorn bar. I love attending things like this, but I always struggle with the networking side of things. However, the beauty of attending an event in America is that Americans are so friendly and happy to talk. I was hanging around looking for someone to talk to when a lovely lady called Megan (http://meganauman.com/) approached me and asked where I was from and what I did. As we were chatting several others joined us too and before long there was a nice group of people.

Having got my conference pass and done a bit of networking I accepted a lift from Megan and we headed over to the Saguaro for some sessions. There is a shuttle bus running between all the hotels, which I’m sure I will make plenty of use of during the week.

The first session I attending was called ‘How to Slay Your Days at Alt’ hosted by Amy Webb from This Little Miggy, a lifestyle blog with a focus on disability (https://thislittlemiggy.com/). She has been coming to Alt Summit for years and had loads of great tips on how to maximise your time here. My best take aways from her talk were:

  • Set goals so you can work out what you want to achieve – you get back what you put in.
  • Give out business cards and get them back – you never know when a contact may be useful.
  • Work on your elevator pitch for networking – find your unique spin.
  • Follow up, not only with new contacts but also on your goals.
  • Never let an opportunity pass you by – say yes!

We had a short break after this session during which I met another lady from the UK! Ros (https://whomovedcoffee.com/) is in a similar position to me with a new blog that she’s looking to grow. We went to the next session together which was called ‘Plan a Year’s Worth of Social Media Content in One Workshop’, hosted by Carly Morgan, a digital content creator. The session consisted of two parts. First Carly took us through how to plan social media using her worksheets in order to create a calendar for yourself to make it easy to post on a day-to-day basis. Secondly we split in to groups to begin the process and discuss with others what works depending on your preferred platform. The worksheets look really helpful for planning so I definitely think I will download them and give it a go.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in to more sessions tomorrow. Tune in next week to see how I got on for the rest of the conference!


The Getty Center

I’ve been away on holiday for the last couple of weeks, but I couldn’t resist doing something a bit creative whilst we were away! My husband and I spent the last week of our holiday in LA visiting our friends who live out there. We decided to head up to the Getty Center (https://www.getty.edu/), a cultural organisation dedicated to the visual arts. 

We drove up to the car park and then took the shuttle train up to the museum itself. It’s located in the hills with amazing views overlooking LA. The building itself is very impressive, made mainly of white stone it towers over the main courtyard, softened by sweeping curves.

We didn’t go with the idea of visiting any specific exhibition so we just had a wander round and checked out anything that interested us. We started off by looking around an exhibition on the history of photography showing the progression of cameras from their inception up to the first digital camera made by Apple, storing up to 32 photos! This lead us on to an exhibition called ‘The Flavio Story’ showing photographs by Gordon Parks, who went to Brazil for Life magazine to document poverty in Latin America. We also had a quick look around another photographic exhibition called ‘Once and Again’ showing pictures by photographers who had visited the same subjects repeatedly, showing changes over time.

After this we decided to have a look around the gallery with paintings by famous artists including Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Cezanne and Turner. I really enjoyed seeing these paintings in real life and we spent quite a while browsing around the ‘Paintings from Europe’ section.

My favourite part of the visit was the gardens. The Central Garden designed by Robert Irwin is a circular design with a winding path criss-crossing over a stream down to a large pond featuring a hedge maze. Even though there were quite a few people there the whole place felt really relaxing and it was lovely to wander along the paths surrounded by a massive variety of flowers. We also went down to the South Promontory which has a desert theme and features a sea of cacti.

If you are ever in LA and looking for something to do that inspires your creative side and takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city I would definitely recommend a visit to the Getty Center, plus it’s free entry!


Living my best creative life!

Hi, I’m Caroline! Welcome to my blog. As this is my first ever post I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I decided to start blogging.

I love to create things and my mission is to live as creatively as possible and have new creative experiences. As a child I was always into arts and crafts whether it be drawing, junk modelling or Play-Doh. As I’ve grown older I’ve always kept a creative element in my life. At university I studied film, radio and televisions studies but when I went to work I developed more creative hobbies. The most notable hobby I have is jewellery making. I started off just teaching myself some basic beading until I went to the London Jewellery School to do a few short courses and branched out into polymer clay and wire wrapping. In 2016 I decided that jewellery was something I wanted to take more seriously and signed up for their Diploma in Creative Jewellery. I chose to do the intensive course, completing the qualification in seven weeks.

Since then I have done a lot of experimentation with the techniques I’ve learnt and have launched my own range of jewellery. However, that was clearly not enough to keep my creative juices going! I also started attending a weekly ceramics class and producing my own artwork at home. In addition to this I also enjoy the occasional baking session.

Basically I love to be creative; it makes me happy!

My other great love is reading. I have always been an avid reader, devouring books as fast as possible. When I was younger I often used to have two books on the go at a time, one upstairs and one downstairs! Nowadays I just stick to one, but I still read as often as I can. For me, reading is a gateway to creativity and inspiration. Stemming from my love of books I have recently embarked on writing my own novel. It’s a long and slow process but I hope one day to have a finished story.

I decided to start blogging to share my creative adventures. I’m planning to attend workshops, events, fairs and exhibitions to broaden my knowledge and skills and further my creative education. If you are into all things creative, or are looking to introduce more creativity into your life then hopefully my blog will give you lots of ideas to get involved and live your best creative life!

I’m mainly based in London and the South East but if I find an opportunity to travel further afield in the pursuit of creativity, I will. If you have any suggestions of workshops to try, fairs to shop or galleries to visit then please let me know via the contact page. I’m always looking for new ideas!