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Craftiosity – Broderie Anglaise Constellation Lantern

The Broderie Anglaise constellation lantern kit from Craftiosity is from a couple of months ago now, but going through my backlog of craft boxes I chose it as my next project because Broderie Anglaise is a technique I was interested to try out and it was also quite a quick project to complete, which is always a bonus when you’re busy!

Included in the kit was:

  • Blue fabric
  • Self-adhesive panel
  • Metal rings x2
  • Base discs x2
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Edging tool
  • Double sided tape
  • LED tea light

There was also supposed to be a paper template for the constellation design, however this was missing from my box. I’m sure the lovely ladies at Craftiosity would have sent me one if I’d let them know, but I was keen to get started so I created my own design on the computer and printed it out. I used the constellations for mine and my husband’s star signs as the design. This was probably less to embroider overall, but I made sure the design fitted the size of the lamp. I did some extra constellations for star signs of other members of my family just in case, but at the size I created them I only needed the two.

The Broderie Anglaise technique was easy to achieve using simple stitches to create the traditional eyelets. Split stitch was used to outline the hole before piercing the fabric with embroidery scissors and then using a straight stitch round the edge to secure and neaten it. Back stitch was used to join the holes to create the shape of the constellations. Although I tried to make my holes the same size as the photographs I feel that I could have made them a bit bigger so that the light from the tealight shone through more.

I thought that making it up into a lamp would be tricky but with the self-adhesive panel and the double sided tape it was actually really easy to get the metal rings in place before turning in the edges and adding the base discs. 

I really enjoyed this project. I thought it was a really inventive way to learn a new technique and create some cute home décor. It’s always great to make something a bit different, even if it’s a technique you are already familiar with and Craftiosity is great at finding ways to do that each month. This kit is still available to buy on their website in the past boxes section.