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Craftiosity – Beeswax Wraps and Bag

I’m sticking with the beeswax theme this week, but moving on to the August box from Craftiosity ( featuring beeswax food wraps and an embroidered produce bag.

Included in the kit was:

  • Fabric squares x2
  • Beeswax pellets
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Cotton bag
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Paper template

The fabric squares were actually missing from my box when I opened it up, which obviously can happen when so many boxes are being packed at once, but I got in touch with the lovely ladies at Craftiosity via Instagram and they sent out a couple of squares for me in the post straight away. The level of customer service I received from them was fantastic!

The process for making the wraps was so simple. I was amazed at how simple it was the last time I made them, but this was even easier! As the beeswax was already in pellets I didn’t have to worry about grating it or melting it down and there were no ovens involved. All you had to do was scatter the beeswax over the fabric and iron it between two pieces of parchment, ensuring that there were no bare patches. There was plenty of wax left over to create more wraps with your own fabric or to save and reseal these ones when the wax wears off a bit as they don’t last forever.

The embroidered bag was another quick project. Whilst I do like to get involved in a good big craft project, sometimes it is nice to have something that will take less than an hour to sit down and do with a nice cup of tea! The design was traced onto the bag using a pencil and then embroidered over using a combination of back stitch and satin stitch. Obviously it was a bit tricky embroidering inside the bag, but by positioning the design near the top rather than right in the middle there was a bit more room to manoeuvre. I also absolutely love the colour change embroidery thread provided in the kit. I have used it in another project recently and just think it gives a great effect to a piece of sewing. 

I think I might use the bag to store my wraps in as I never know where to keep them. I had so much fun completing the two projects in this kit and also feel very eco-friendly making something reusable and plastic free!                                                                                          

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Craft Box Club – Sand Cast Candles

One of the things I like most about Craft Box Club ( is that their crafts are really original and even if I have done it before, there’s always a new technique. I think a lot of the originality is driven by Adam’s quest for plastic free crafts, which pushes him to be more creative about how things can be achieved. I’ve made quite a few candles in my time, but I have never before made them using sand!

Included in this kit was:

  • Big jar
  • Small jar
  • Sand
  • Cardboard tube
  • Beeswax blocks x6
  • Cocktail sticks
  • String
  • Peg
  • Ribbon
  • Shells
  • Wicks x3

I think what was really great about this box was the recycling of all the parts; the big jar was used to melt the wax in but was later turned into a candle holder and it’s lid was used for the tea light, the small jar was used to create the mould for the tea light and was then turned into a candle. Even the sand used to cast the candles was then reused as decoration at the end. Plus, you got to pretend like you were making sandcastles at the beach! 

The wax does take a little while to melt, so there is a bit of waiting around with candle making, but whilst I was waiting I made the moulds by packing the wet sand into a bowl to create the shape I wanted for my candles using the smaller hexagonal jar for the tea light and the cardboard tube to make a taller, round candle. The third candle was made by anchoring the wick to the bottom of the small jar and pouring the wax directly in.

In the instruction video Adam does mention that sinkholes can occur so to reserve a little wax to refill them. I left my candles to set overnight and in the morning I found that two of them had holes so I filled them up and left them to set again. I always think it is reassuring when the instructions mention things that can go wrong and how to fix them, otherwise its hard to know what to do if something unexpected happens, especially if you’ve never done that craft before. 

Another part of the instruction video I thought was particularly helpful was during the decorating stage where you have to make a slip knot to tie the string around the top of the jar and the video was done in slow motion so you could clearly see how it was tied.

Being yellow, the beeswax candles really lent themselves to the beach theme and using the shells, string and hessian ribbon gave them a nice rustic feel along with the sand. I can totally imagine them on the terrace of someone’s beach house as the sun sets over the waves… The only problem is how to transport them without spilling sand everywhere!