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What crafting means to me…

I know this is a bit of a detour for me as I usually post a review of something crafty or creative that I’ve done, but this week I just wanted to talk about craft and mental health. One of my reasons for starting this blog in the first place was my belief that crafting is good for the soul.

I was in quite a low place for the first few months of this year. I was disillusioned with my jewellery as I had done a few really bad Christmas markets, I didn’t have any inspiration for new products and in short I felt like it was going nowhere and I was wasting my time. I put it on the back burner and spent a lot of time thinking about if it was the right thing for me to do or if I should find something else. I knew in my heart that I didn’t really want to let it go, which is why in the end I went back to my jewellery making roots and started again, as discussed in my previous post about my showcase. However, before I got to that point I went back even further to my childhood and remembered all the things I liked to do back then; sewing, art, reading, baking, and anything that involved making something with my hands. I’d already begun to make my pointillism pictures inspired by a visit to a David Hockney exhibition and I’d already started writing my novel.

I decided that I wanted to bring more creativity back into my life, and that I wanted to document what I was doing in order to keep myself on track and also share my journey with others who might be feeling in need of a bit of inspiration of their own. I set up this blog and my Instagram account with no idea what I was going to post at first! I spent a long time researching crafty pastimes and came across the idea of subscription boxes, bringing a different craft to your door every month, which I loved. I also researched places to go. I wanted to make sure that I went out and about in order to experience new things. I’ve always enjoyed going to art galleries, but I also signed myself up for as many workshops as I could afford in as many different disciplines as possible!

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself over the last few months since starting this blog. I’ve learnt so many amazing new skills from candle making to punch needle, but I’ve also remembered lost loves such as embroidery. I now feel that I’m brimming with ideas, not just for my jewellery but also for artwork bringing a range of techniques together in a mixed media style piece.

However, the reason I’m not posting a finished piece today is because I don’t have one! Over the past two weeks I’ve had a severe cold. Not quite the flu because I haven’t been stuck in bed, but I have really pushed myself to keep going because I had deadlines to meet, like my jewellery showcase, and it has definitely been to my detriment. I should have taken time to rest because I haven’t had the energy to complete some of my other projects in time and that’s made me really upset. So whilst crafting has definitely had a positive effect on me and I feel inspired, relaxed and overall in a better frame of mind, it’s always good to know when you need to take a break and recharge. I don’t want to let something I enjoy become a burden again. I have a nice quiet week lined up and I’m going to spend my time crafting at a leisurely pace and not put any pressure on myself. I’ve nearly finished one of my subscription boxes so I’ll be back next week with a review on that! I’m hoping to catch up with myself so that I can start on some of my own projects and get some of my ideas out there!


Living my best creative life!

Hi, I’m Caroline! Welcome to my blog. As this is my first ever post I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I decided to start blogging.

I love to create things and my mission is to live as creatively as possible and have new creative experiences. As a child I was always into arts and crafts whether it be drawing, junk modelling or Play-Doh. As I’ve grown older I’ve always kept a creative element in my life. At university I studied film, radio and televisions studies but when I went to work I developed more creative hobbies. The most notable hobby I have is jewellery making. I started off just teaching myself some basic beading until I went to the London Jewellery School to do a few short courses and branched out into polymer clay and wire wrapping. In 2016 I decided that jewellery was something I wanted to take more seriously and signed up for their Diploma in Creative Jewellery. I chose to do the intensive course, completing the qualification in seven weeks.

Since then I have done a lot of experimentation with the techniques I’ve learnt and have launched my own range of jewellery. However, that was clearly not enough to keep my creative juices going! I also started attending a weekly ceramics class and producing my own artwork at home. In addition to this I also enjoy the occasional baking session.

Basically I love to be creative; it makes me happy!

My other great love is reading. I have always been an avid reader, devouring books as fast as possible. When I was younger I often used to have two books on the go at a time, one upstairs and one downstairs! Nowadays I just stick to one, but I still read as often as I can. For me, reading is a gateway to creativity and inspiration. Stemming from my love of books I have recently embarked on writing my own novel. It’s a long and slow process but I hope one day to have a finished story.

I decided to start blogging to share my creative adventures. I’m planning to attend workshops, events, fairs and exhibitions to broaden my knowledge and skills and further my creative education. If you are into all things creative, or are looking to introduce more creativity into your life then hopefully my blog will give you lots of ideas to get involved and live your best creative life!

I’m mainly based in London and the South East but if I find an opportunity to travel further afield in the pursuit of creativity, I will. If you have any suggestions of workshops to try, fairs to shop or galleries to visit then please let me know via the contact page. I’m always looking for new ideas!