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Craft Box Club – Union Jack Punch Needle

The Union Jack punch needle kit from Craft Box Club is such a nice memento of the Queen’s Jubilee year and the celebrations that were held to honour it. Punch needle is one of my favourite crafts; it’s easy, satisfying, and gives really quick results.

Included in the box was:

  • Yarn x 3 (blue, white, red)
  • Punch needle
  • Embroidery ring
  • Monks cloth

As always the contents are eco friendly and plastic free. Also included is the link to the instructions, which are provided in two formats, written/photographic and video. I personally prefer the written instructions as the photos are usually clear, but it is really useful to have the video as well in case there is a technique you aren’t familiar with or an instruction you don’t quite understand.

Trimming the back

The total make time for this project is listed as one hour, which I think is achievable if you speed through it, although it took me about one and a half hours working fairly slowly and just enjoying the craft. I normally prefer a loose weave fabric over the monks cloth for punch needle as monks cloth frays at the edges a lot, but for this design it was useful to have the square structure to follow, which meant there was no design transfer required, just a bit of counting. I liked the use of the directional stitching to create the flag design as well. Another reason to love punch needle – you can stitch in any direction!

Although this kit was from a couple of month’s ago it is still available to buy on the Craft Box Club website as a one-off kit. I’m always pleased when I find that companies offer kits as a one-off and not just as part of a subscription. It can be a big commitment to make monthly payments, so it’s good to know that crafting is still accessible to everyone and you can pick and choose which kit you want.

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