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Summer 2022 Craftpod

I’ve been really looking forward to getting stuck in to some craft kits since finishing my final diploma project and, about a week before I finished, the summer Craftpod dropped through my letterbox. Although I have lots of older boxes waiting in my studio, I just knew this was the one I was going to dive back in with! The theme of this season’s box is inspired by dreamy sunny days around a lily pond. There were two projects included; a dragonfly embroidery, and a lily pad pin cushion.

Included in the box was:

• 5” wooden embroidery hoop
• Embroidery thread x5 (various shades of green)
• Calico fabric
• Green felt sheet
• Felt squares (white, pink, yellow)
• Needle
• Pins x3
• Wool fleece
• Heat erasable pen
• Vintage post cards x2
• Teabag

I started with the dragonfly embroidery which as usual had easy-to-follow instructions. I would say that the Craftpod projects are pitched at embroiderers that have some experience rather than complete beginners as although the stitches are fairly simple they are nearly all worked with only one strand of thread, which can be fiddly and difficult for a beginner. I really liked using the heat erasable pen. I was a bit sceptical at first because I have used ones in the past that can be tricky to get rid of, but this one was great. The markings disappeared almost as soon as the iron touched the fabric! Not all of the lines for the wings could be drawn on at first as they were so fine and close together that you might have ended up with a big old mess, so the main lines were drawn on and sewn with the option to add extra lines to the wings later, following the paper pattern provided.

The second project was the lily pad pin cushion. I thought it looked really effective, especially with the little felt flower on the top. The only bit I was unsure about was sewing the bulrushes around the sides of the pin cushion. There wasn’t any indication in the instructions of how many to sew and what gap to leave between each one. My spatial awareness isn’t the best so I was worried I would end up with not enough room or a big gap at one end. I estimated as well as I could from the pictures that were included and it did work out fine, although I can’t guarantee that my spacing is totally even all the way round!

This box was so relaxing to complete, especially as I was imagining sitting by a lovely pond the whole time I was sewing. I even put the water feature on in my garden to provide sound effects! The kit is still available on the Craftpod website and in their Etsy shop along with other past boxes. As always I’m looking forward to next season’s box already!

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