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MakeBox – Amore Soy Candle

I’m a little late on this one as it was meant to be for Valentine’s Day, but who says you can’t spread a little love any day of the year? February’s MakeBox is the Amore Soy Candle, scented with rose. As always when I make candles I was surprised at how quick it was to do and it was yet another technique for melting the wax.

Included in the box was:

  • 600g soy wax flakes
  • Plastic jug
  • Glass container
  • Rose scent
  • Wooden lollipop sticks x2
  • Wicks x2
  • Labels
  • Gift box

At first when I opened my box I thought that one of my wicks was missing, but after rummaging through all the packaging I found it. It unfortunately was missing its metal base, so I used the complete one and if I decide to make a second candle I will just have to make sure the spare one is attached to the base well. There is enough wax to make two candles (or more depending on the size of your containers and how many wicks you have), but only one glass container included in the kit. I have a nice shaped jam jar in the fridge that I’m eyeing up for my second candle once all the jam has been eaten! As I said, the making process was very simple starting with weighing out half the wax. Only 200g fit in the plastic jug provided, so I weighed out the remaining 100g into a spare container from the recycling. Once the first 200g had been melted down in the microwave, you could them gradually add the rest, stirring it in and using the microwave in short burst to keep melting it down.

Once all the wax was completely melted it was time to add the scent. When I made candles with another kit the instructions said to pour in the whole bottle, but this one said just a few drops. I think it’s really hard to get the balance right as the other candles are a little overwhelming when I smell them now, but with this one, even though I added more scent than it said to, I still find it quite subtle. However the scent may get stronger once the candle is burning.

To create the candle I positioned the wick in the centre of the container and used the lollipop stick to hold it’s position before pouring a small amount of wax into the base and allowing it to set in the fridge for a couple of minutes. This stopped the wick from floating up when I then poured the rest of the wax in up to about a centimetre from the top. 

I left the candle to set for about 24 hours before moving it to ensure an even set and no sinkholes. There were a couple of labels provided, one with the MakeBox logo on and one blank. I decided to use the blank one to create my own handwritten label using a sharpie. I really like the inclusion of the gift box as well, so I can give the candle away to someone I love!

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