The Sewcial Circle – Pompom Power Hour!

This weekend I joined the Sewcial Circle for Pompom Power Hour! It’s been a little while since I did any workshops, I’ve mainly just been doing the subscription boxes that turn up at my door for the last few months. Like a lot of people this year I’ve lost my mojo a bit, but recently on my scrolls through Instagram I’ve been seeing some fab online workshops and one-off kits popping up and it’s really inspired me to be more active in my crafting journey again. 

I’ve been following The Sewcial Circle on Instagram for a while and have been very intrigued by the Loome tool they use to create their pompoms, so when I saw this online workshop I decided to sign up for it straight away! The workshop alone was £16, but as I wanted to try the Loome tool I added a pompom starter kit to my order, which was £23.80 (discounted from £28.00 as I ordered it along with the workshop). The starter kit arrived in the post a few days before the workshop and included:

  • Merino wool x2
  • Loome tool
  • Crochet cotton
  • Cardboard size guide

There was a choice of colour combinations for the wool on the website and I chose the rose and mustard option.

The workshop was hosted on Crowdcast rather than Zoom. The upside to this was that the focus was solely on the host (and face behind the Sewcial Circle) Katie. There was a chat feature if you needed to ask any questions, however I did think that without the interaction with the other attendees the social side of the workshop was a bit lost. Along with actually learning a new skill, socialising with other crafters is one of the most important aspects of a workshop for me.

I have made pompoms before so the techniques to achieve the different effects were familiar to me already, but I definitely picked up some good new tips. We made plain, half and half, triple stripe, sprinkles and colour block pompoms. Katie recommends using crochet cotton or another similar string to tie the pompoms as it’s not as stretchy and soft as yarn, so won’t give over time and ensures your pompom remains secure. She also showed us a couple of different ways to knot the string depending on how well you can keep the tension when tying the knot. The Loome tool has a larger and a smaller end so you can regulate the size of your pompom and Katie also showed us how to use the cardboard sizer to trim the pompom to achieve a consistent size, which is important if you are making something like a pair of earrings. I liked the Loome tool, but overall, I think I prefer the circular pompom makers that I have used previously. I feel like they hold the yarn in place more securely whilst you tie it and allow you to snip round the sides to open it out more easily. 

The best part of pompom making is the trimming! As I mentioned we used the cardboard sizer as the initial guide to trim the excess off our pompoms. Once this was done, we could then begin to refine the shape and snip off any straggly pieces of yarn to create lovely round pompoms! I think the best advice that I have both received and can give, and which applies to most crafts, is to make sure you have a good pair of sharp scissors! It makes everything so much easier…but don’t get carried away and trim your pompom to nothing!

Katie also talked through different ideas for using our pompoms, such as garlands and wreaths, showed us how to attached them to rope and a wreath base and also showed us how we could turn them into little animals using bits of felt to create ears, noses, eyes and mouths, which would be a great activity to do with kids.

The Loome tool can also be used to make tassels, cords and mini weavings, so although I favour the circular pompom makers there is still plenty of crafts to try with my new tool. There are loads of lovely kits and tools on the Sewcial Circle website so if you want to get into crafting I would definitely recommend checking it out (

I’ve booked a few more workshops in the run up to Christmas and I’m really looking forward to joining them, I just can’t wait until we can attend workshops in person again!

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