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Craftiosity – Herringbone Marquetry Clock

This month’s Craftiosity kit was brilliant and like nothing I’ve ever tried before (! I’d seen lots of pictures on Instagram of the kit before I received and opened it and really loved the look of the clock, but I thought it looked fiddly and like it involved a lot of sanding. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Included in the box was:

  • Wood veneer sheets x3
  • Wooden clock face
  • Clock hands and mechanism
  • Double sided tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Wooden bird tags (just for fun!)
  • Inspirational postcards

The project was divided into two main parts: cutting up the wood veneer into rectangles, and creating the herringbone pattern on the clock face. The first part of the project was a little repetitive, marking out the correct measurements and applying the double sided tape, but I’ve never worked with wood veneer before and was surprised by how brittle it was, but also how easy it was to just cut with scissors too. Once all the pieces were cut and sanded to ensure straight edges with no splinters it was time to start assembling the pattern.

This was the part I enjoyed the most. It was a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, particularly around the edges trying to fill in the small gaps with offcuts, whilst still maintaining the pattern with the three different types of wood. The clock mechanism was easy to set up as well, just inserting it from the back and then adding the hands in the correct order: hour, minute and second. All that was needed after that was a battery! 

I had so much fun doing this project and it only took a couple of hours at most. The result is great quality and looks like it should have taken much longer to achieve. In addition there was loads of the wood veneer left over to create something else. I like the idea of getting another clock face to decorate as a gift for someone, but Craftiosity also suggest a box or a picture frame and also trying different patterns as well. It’s always great when craft kits are generous with the supplies included because it means that if you enjoy the craft enough to want to do it again you have enough materials to keep going as it can be daunting sourcing your own materials when you first get into a craft. Now I just have to find somewhere to hang my new clock… 

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