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Craftpod – Summer Meadow Embroidery

A bit of a summer throw back, especially as I know the Autumn Craftpod will shortly be on its way, but I really enjoyed doing this summer meadow embroidery kit. I think the Craftpod kits ( might be my favourites because, although they are always embroidery based, I always feel as though I’m doing something new or different. I also like that they are quarterly rather than monthly. Whilst I love getting monthly treats in the post it can get a little overwhelming trying to keep up with all the projects!

Included in the box was:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Square calico x1
  • Rectangular calico x2
  • Rectangular green fabric x2
  • Zip
  • Embroidery threads
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Cotton thread
  • Paper template
  • Cardboard bobbins
  • Inspirational postcard
  • Bird needle threader
  • Chamomile teabag

There were two projects included in this box; a summer meadow embroidery hoop and an embroidery zip pouch. I started with the hoop which was made up of a floral arrangement inspired by a summer walk in the countryside. Included in the design were chamomile flowers, wild carrots, cornflowers, ferns and lavender. The Craftpod embroidery projects always push me to improve my skills, especially as they are often worked with one strand of embroidery thread. In this project I learned three new stitches. I had done chain stitch before, but this one was done with a method I hadn’t tried so it was great to give that a go. The other two, whipped stitch and bullion stitch, I had never tried before. The whipped stitch was really easy, but it gave the stems more of the 3D effect than plain back or split stitch. The bullion stitch was also quite 3D, but a little more complicated and prone to tangling. I had a few goes on a spare bit of fabric before committing to it on the real thing, but despite a couple of wobbles I think the overall effect is brilliant. I’d love to learn more 3D embroidery techniques as it really brings a piece to life.

The second project was the one I was really interested in! I haven’t put a zip in anything since I was at school so I was really looking forward to re-learning how to do that. I think I sewed a little close to the zip as a bit of the fabric keeps getting caught when I do it up, but it’s a good lesson for next time. You could choose to have the calico or the green on the outside of the pouch and I chose the green as I liked it better, but it meant you couldn’t trace the design onto the fabric before embroidering, so it had to be free hand. This was good as you could do something a little different to the original design, but I think I could have used an outline for my flowers as I felt they came out a bit small! As I’ve mentioned before I like to make useful items so this pouch really appealed to me. It can be used for anything from make-up to pencils or even used as a small clutch bag.

I’m really looking forward to the Autumn Craftpod arriving, especially from the sneak peeks that have been appearing on their Instagram, so I can’t wait for it to drop through my front door!

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