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Stitch Club Embroidered Elephant

All this week I’ve had the Nellie the Elephant song stuck in my head because I’ve been making this super cute embroidered elephant from Stitch Club (! Stitch Club have just launched their range of make-at-home kits, which they have been promoting for a while on Instagram. They have a really diverse range of kits available from pin cushions, to felt banners, to soft toys, to neck pillows. I think the watermelon neck pillow looks particularly fun and perfect for when you are ready to jet off on holiday again! To help with these projects they also sell crafting supplies such as scissors and fabric pens.

The elephant kit cost £24 and included:

  • Printed cotton-linen blend fabric
  • Plain calico fabric
  • Embroidery threads x5
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Machine thread
  • Sequins
  • Needle
  • Cardboard bobbins x5
  • Pins
  • Stuffing

Also in my box was a gift enamel pin and a lovely note from Jenny, the owner of Stitch Club, to say thank you for being the very first customer on launch day, which made me super happy! I’m always really keen to support small businesses, particularly ones that are just starting out so I’m very pleased to be able to support Jenny and Stitch Club.

I was very impressed with the instruction booklet that came with the kit. At the beginning Jenny explains how the kits are inspired by the classes they teach in primary schools and are suitable for anyone from age nine upwards. I think it’s perfect for adults wanting to teach their children how to sew as it uses eight different stitches and the whole instruction booklet is extremely thorough and has clear instructions throughout, accompanied by photographs and diagrams. Any technical terms that were used were explained fully as well.

The end of the booklet gives some suggestions for how to display your work and includes instructions for how to turn your elephant into a stuffed ornament. I was really excited to use my sewing machine for the first since I got it and I haven’t used one in years so that involved a bit of revision for me, especially when it came to loading the bobbin! To receive the extra materials needed for this stage of the kit (stuffing, machine thread, pins and backing fabric) you had to select this option when ordering the kit, otherwise you would just receive the supplies for the embroidery project. This is highlighted in bold in the description of the product on the website and with the option drop down menu at the top right underneath the picture this should be clear to anyone purchasing this kit.

I thought this was a lovely kit that I enjoyed as an adult and would have loved as a child. The instruction booklet filled with great tips on how to split thread, thread a needle, use an embroidery hoop, as well as the detailed instructions for each different type of stitch was just fabulous and probably one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working through. I’m certainly tempted by the watermelon neck pillow and I can’t wait to see what kits they bring out in the future!

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