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Craft Box Club – Washi Tape Coasters

This week I did the April box from Craft Box Club ( I have the May box already waiting for me so I am a bit behind on my crafts, but hopefully I will be all up to date soon! April’s box was making washi tape coasters. One of the things that’s great about these boxes is how quick they are to do. Sometimes I put off doing crafts just because of the amount of time they will take, even though I know I’ll enjoy them thoroughly once I’ve started. This project is so easy that I was done in about 15 minutes, and that’s only because I ummmed and aahhhed over where to put my washi tape! It’s just right for squeezing some creativity into a busy day.

Included in the box was:

  • Tiles x4
  • Adhesive cork tiles x4
  • Brush
  • Glue
  • Various sizes and colours of washi tape

Also provided was the link to the instructional video. As before the video was simple, clear and easy to follow. I only needed one viewing to understand what to do. Firstly came the creative bit, deciding how to place your washi tape across the tiles, taking care to go over the edge and tuck it underneath. I really liked the patterned tape that came in the box and it was fun pairing up the colours to create aesthetically pleasing designs. I had some washi tape of my own as well so I decided to use some of that too. Who needs anything to match, right?

Once I was finished with the washi tape I just had to coat them in glue to seal them so they can be used for hot drinks. It was recommended to use a ramekin or small jar to elevate the tile to make it easier to coat the sides in the glue. The glue came in a metal tin, which I wasn’t really a fan of. I found it difficult to open and was worried about spilling it everywhere when I did manage to get the lid off. Once I eventually got the lid off I used the brush provided to coat my tiles and then left them to dry overnight.

When the tiles were dry I peeled the backing off the adhesive side of the cork tiles and stuck them to the back of the decorated tiles.

And then they were finished! As I said, such a quick project but satisfying nonetheless. Obviously you have to factor in drying time, but you can be getting on with the rest of your to do list (or sleeping) whilst that’s happening!

I have written this review independently and was not gifted the kit, however Adam, who runs Craft Box Club, really loved my previous post on his beeswax wraps and got in touch to offer me a discount code to pass on to you guys! The code is CRAFTYBEE10 and will give you £10 off your first box. Thanks Adam, and looking forward to starting the next box!

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