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Orange Scented Copper Candles

I’m always amazed at just how easy it is to make your own candles, and this kit from Craftiosity ( proved it to me once again! I ordered this box at the same time I was signing up for the May subscription box as I was keen to have some new projects to do now and this box was ready to ship in April to keep me busy whilst I waited for the May box. 

Included in the box was:

  • Easy pour wax
  • Candle wicks x2
  • Copper coloured tins x2
  • Seville orange scent
  • Wooden lollipop sticks x2
  • Orange themed inspirational postcards

The process for completing this project was so straightforward and quick, the only thing that required patience was waiting for the candles to set before lighting them! I’ve never used this easy pour wax before, but it certainly was easy to use. To melt it down all you had to do was place the whole bottle into a saucepan of water with the lid loosened slightly and then simmer until it was all liquid. The instructions said it would take twenty minutes, and it took twenty minutes exactly! Once it was all melted then all you had to do was add the orange scent. 

The wicks had self adhesive pads attached to the bottom, so before pouring the wax into the copper tins you had to stick a wick to the bottom of each tin. Once the wick was in place and the wax poured in around it you could then use the lollipop sticks to ensure the wick remained upright. And then all that was left to do was wait for it all to set.

In my head I always think of candle making as a really complicated process, but the easy pour wax makes it so simple and you can use any non-porous container such as tea cups or glass jars to create lovely candles. There’s so many scents available now as well that you can have loads of fun with it. They also make great gifts too!

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