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English Meadow Embroidered Clock MakeBox

I absolutely loved the March MakeBox! As you have probably noticed I’m always up for an embroidery project, but what I loved about this one was that after the embroidery part I got to turn it into something useful; a clock!

The March box was themed around the idea of an English meadow, and it certainly captures that essence with the design and colour scheme. 

Included in the box was:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Linen
  • Felt
  • Embroidery threads
  • Clock mechanism and hands
  • Needle and pins
  • Velvet ribbon
  • Paper template
  • Carbon paper
  • Postcard to embroider

The project started off as usual by transferring the design on to the linen using the carbon paper and fixing it inside the hoop, ensuring that the design is central. Annoyingly my carbon paper was a little bit small so I had to trace the design and then move it over, making sure I didn’t move the template, which was a bit fiddly. Once the fabric is in the hoop its time to start embroidering! The first half of the instruction booklet is dedicated to a guide on how to do each different stitch. Although I already knew how to do the stitches, I thought this was a great idea for people who don’t sew as regularly. The instructions were fairly clear and there were photos of the stitches in progress. I’m quite a visual person so I always prefer to see really clear step by step photos and sometimes for new stitches I find its best to watch a video on YouTube to really understand how it works.

Although the design looks simple, there are still large areas to cover. This was not a quick job, but a project to take your time over (preferably with a cup of tea and a piece of cake!) and really enjoy the process of creating. When I’m doing a project like this and I’ve done the initial set up I like to put on movies that I love and have seen loads of times before and really just get into the rhythm of sewing.

Once the embroidery was finished it was time to mount the clock mechanism. To give it structure and support you had to cut a circle out of cardboard to fit snugly inside the hoop. I used the cardboard from the box it arrived in. When this was in place you then sewed the felt backing on to hide it and give the clock a nice finish. I actually cut my felt a bit small but as its on the back I don’t think it matters.

You then had to make a hole through all the layers (linen, cardboard and felt) at the point marked on the original design using a sharp pair of scissors or scalpel. The clock mechanism was pushed through from the back and then the hands mounted in order of size; hour, minute and second. Lastly the velvet ribbon was added to hang it up.

I am so proud of my clock! I felt like this was a really involved project that I invested a lot of time in and I’m definitely going to find somewhere to hang it in my house. As much as I love embroidery and I like the projects for the process as much as the finished piece, what I love more is when something beautiful and decorative can be elevated into something that is also functional.

As always there is also a postcard to embroider and unlike previous months I did actually find the time to do mine this month! I always seem to get too punch happy when I’m making the holes and end up tearing the card, but this time I made sure I was restrained and didn’t do them too close together. I only had one case where two holes merged together, but I don’t think you can even tell!

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