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Boho Macrame MakeBox

This month’s MakeBox was the Boho Macrame Box in collaboration with Isabella Strambio, who specialises in macrame and natural dyeing ( I was quite excited about this box as I’ve been meaning to try macrame for ages and I’m pleased to say that it did live up to my expectations!

Included in the box was:

  • 100 metres of cotton string
  • 2 wooden rings
  • 8 wooden beads
  • Rose gold keyring
  • ‘S’ hook
  • Tape measure
  • Dried hibiscus flowers
  • Postcard to embroider
  • Green embroidery thread
  • Pack of pins and a needle

You also needed a few of your own tools such as sharp scissors, a comb and some equipment for dyeing (more on that later).

At the start of the instruction book there was a library of knots with step by step instructions and pictures for each type of knot that we were going to use including; lark’s head knot, gathering knot, square knot, and half square knot. The instruction book was laid out in a really logical way with instructions for the smallest and easiest project first (feather keyring), moving through the single plant holder, double plant holder and finally dyeing instructions.

I made the feather keyring and the single plant holder. I think I would have enough string left to make the double too, however I am a known plant killer and also have nowhere tall enough to hang it! I have bought a plant for my single holder so I’ll see how I get on with it and maybe make another one at a later date. Alternatively, I might look up some other macrame projects and give them a go because this really was a relaxing and therapeutic craft.

I started with the feather key ring. I’ve seen a lot of these on Instagram, and I think they look really effective. Just like the knot library, the instructions were clear and there were numbered pictures on the next page to refer to. It was a really simple process knotting the string on to a central string attached to the keyring. My favourite bit was unravelling it and combing it out, it was weirdly satisfying! After that all that was left to do was trim it into a feather shape.

I thought that the plant holder was going to be really complicated as it was made up of so many strings. I was worried that I was going to get all confused, but I was fine! I hung the ‘S’ hook on a door handle and put one of the wooden hoops on it. I put the eight lengths of string I had cut through the hoop so they were doubled over, giving me sixteen strings to work with. On this project I used a gathering knot at the top and bottom, half square knots at the top and square knots nearer the bottom. I also added the wooden beads. 

There is also the option to do some natural dyeing using the dried hibiscus flowers. I haven’t done this on either of my projects yet because I was ill (again! Honestly, I’m hardly ever ill but I swear I haven’t been properly well since November. I can’t wait for spring when all these colds stop going round!). Anyway, once I was feeling better I checked the instructions and realised that I didn’t have all the equipment I needed because I didn’t want to use a saucepan that we use for food. It is also quite a long process, so once I have got all my equipment together I will definitely be setting aside some time to give the dyeing a go, although I do actually quite like the natural look. I will make sure I update you when I’ve given it a try!

Lastly, as always in the MakeBox, there was a postcard to embroider with a picture of three plant holders and the phrase ‘Knot you again!’ across the bottom. I embroidered the leaves with the green thread as suggested in the instruction book.

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