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Sunset Punch Needle

I finally got round to doing my punch needle kit! I’ve been wanting to do it pretty much since I bought it but other projects and jobs kept popping up, so it’s kind of been hovering in the background since I got it at the Handmade Festival in the summer from The Modern Crafter ( This week I feel like I’m getting back on top of everything and managed to find time to sit down and enjoy it.

I chose the sunset kit and included in the bag was:

  • Four different coloured balls of wool
  • Wooden gripper hoop
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Fabric
  • Snips
  • Yarn needle
  • Paper template

I also paid extra to include an Oxford punch needle as I didn’t have one at the time.

The first step was to fit the fabric into the gripper hoop. This keeps the fabric really taut whilst you are working on it, which is essential. Previously when I’ve done punch needle I’ve just used a normal embroidery hoop, but I’ve found that I had to keep pulling the fabric tight again. This gripper hoop was amazing! I didn’t have to pull the fabric at all, it just stayed in place the whole time. Once the fabric was in the hoop I then used the template to trace the design onto the fabric.

I started off with the areas of the design that were in flat stitch. To achieve the flat stitch you punch from the front of the work to the back. It’s important to offset the stitches to give stability to the work.

Once I had finished all the flat areas I then began to work from the back to the front to achieve the loop stitch and create texture on the piece.

When the design was completely filled in I removed the work from the gripper hoop and transferred it to the embroidery hoop for display. I trimmed the fabric to around one inch and then used the yarn needle to whip stitch around the edge, trapping the excess fabric and hiding the hoop. I changed the colour of the yarn for each section of the design. 

I enjoyed the kit so much that I bought their festive kit too, so keep an eye on my Instagram to see how I get on with those during December!

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