The Make Arcade: Badge Making Kit

I hope you are all enjoying this sunny bank holiday! It was my birthday this weekend and I had such a lovely time celebrating with my family and friends. We’ve had some people staying with us this week as well so it’s been quite busy so I just have a small crafty project to share with you this week!

I bought this little badge making kit from The Make Arcade (https://www.themakearcade.co.uk/). They have loads of little crafty kits ranging from badges to felt sewing and cross stitch or embroidery kits and they are really reasonably priced. I think loads of the kits would make a great party bag gift or activity for a party or hen do or even just to keep the kids entertained for a while!

My kit was £4.00 (plus postage) and included:

• Wooden cactus shape
• Green glittery fabric
• Pink felt
• Orange string of pom-poms
• Brooch pin
• Pot of glue
• Paper templates

All I needed were scissors and a paintbrush for the glue. It was very easy to put together, all I had to do was cut out the fabric using the templates and glue it to the wooden cactus. Then finish it off with the pom-poms and trim them to size and lastly glue the brooch pin onto the back and leave it to dry.

I really enjoyed it as a quick project and I’ll be sure to wear my new cactus badge out and about!

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