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‘Butterfly Purse’ MakeBox

The MakeBox for August was a kit to make a velvet butterfly purse. I was really looking forward to this box arriving because it seemed a bit different to other projects that I’ve had before and others I’ve seen online which I’m not signed up to (it’s only a matter of time, I think I’m addicted to subscription boxes!). I’ve never made a bag like this before with a clasp but the first part of the project was embroidery which I’m fairly at home with so I was pretty confident about it.

Inside the box was:

• Pre-printed velvet fabric
• Cotton lining fabric
• Embroidery threads
• Purse clasp
• Chain
• Embroidery hoop
• Transparent thread
• Needles and pins
• Decorative postcard

I started off embroidering the butterfly using the hoop to keep my work taut. At first I followed the same pattern as the picture using the teal thread for the edges but I decided to include the veins on my butterfly using a split stitch and then filling in each section using a satin stitch and the other coloured threads. That’s one of the things I love about craft; it’s great to have instructions to follow but there’s always an opportunity to add your own twist on something and make it your own. Sewing the butterfly was probably the longest part of the kit and I did it over several days. It’s quite a large design.

Once I’d finished that it was time to cut the bag shape out of both materials. After that I had to create a seam to form the bottom part of the bag. Once this had been done on both the outer and the lining I then slotted the lining inside the outer. I then had to sew the two together along the top part of the bag. I did this using a whip stitch which was eventually hidden by the clasp.

Attaching the clasp was the hardest part! I had to tack it to the bag to hold it place before sewing it on using the transparent thread. Well! I wish I’d had another pair of hands, I felt like I was wrestling with it. It was so difficult holding it in place whilst trying to sew at the same time. There were a few choice words at several points during this part of the project… However, when it was finished I felt really proud of myself. It was a really rewarding project and I’ve made something that I will actually use. I’m not sure I’m in a rush to repeat the experience though!

Also included in the box was a sweet little postcard which had pre-made holes so you could embellish it with some embroidery too. Another motivational piece for my inspiration wall!

You can order past boxes from the website ( if you think you’d like to have a go at this too.

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