Giant Arm Knitting

So, on the hottest weekend of the year so far I went to a giant arm knitting workshop! It was at Tea and Crafting (https://www.teaandcrafting.co.uk/) which is run by a lovely lady called Jane who has created a peaceful and creative learning space for crafters in Convent Garden. As well as workshops they also run private parties, hen dos and baby showers. Despite the heat I had such a great time! I have been wanting to learn how to do arm knitting for a really long time. I’ve seen blankets made out of giant yarn for sale on Etsy and I’ve seen videos of people doing it. It was right up there at the top of my craft bucket list.

The workshop was in the evening, starting at 7pm, which is perfect to get to if you work up in London. There were eight people in the class and it cost £65. We were asked to choose our wool colour in advance of the class and when we arrived our 2kg balls of wool were all there waiting for us with our names on. I chose a nice mustard yellow because I thought it would go well with some of the décor in my house (but also because it’s a bee colour and also because I’m a Hufflepuff!).

The tutor, Hannah, started off by showing us how to make a slip knot and from there cast on. We had to cast on fourteen stitches to start with, which took some time as we all got used to the tension of the wool and also how tight we could actually make the stitches as they went further up our arms. When we had all mastered this Hannah then showed us how to start knitting, moving the stitches from arm to arm by pulling a loop of wool through to create a new stitch as we went. Once I got into the rhythm of it, it was really satisfying. The blanket grew at a fast rate and I could feel it getting heavier and heavier the more rows I added. It took me about an hour and a quarter to knit a blanket almost as tall as me! When we only had about a metre and a half of wool left Hannah showed us how to cast off and weave the loose ends into the blanket. She was a really great teacher, very patient and encouraging, especially if any of us found ourselves getting in a tangle!

I’m so pleased that I ticked this off my craft bucket list. I loved how quick it was to have a finished and useful piece of work. I have ordered myself some more wool so I can keep practicing, otherwise I will definitely forget how to cast on. I used Woolly Mahoosive (https://woollymahoosive.com/), which is the same place where the wool we used in the class was from. We had 2kg balls in the class but when I went on the website I couldn’t find any of that size so I ordered a 4kg ball. The one I ordered was a man-made fibre and cost £60 (plus postage), for natural wool it was a lot more expensive. Now all I have to decide is if I’m going to make two blankets the same size or one double the size!

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