Seaside Cottages Craftiosity Box

I had a lovely surprise recently when I received an email to say that I’d won a free Craftiosity subscription box in their prize draw! I was entered into the draw by signing up to their mailing list and my box came in the post shortly afterwards.

As you know I spent a long time deciding which subscription box to sign up for so I was excited to be able to have a trial of the Craftiosity boxes. The boxes normally cost £22.95 per month but with free UK delivery. However, you can’t just subscribe at any time, you have to sign up to the mailing list and wait for them to open subscriptions for the next box, which is how I ended up winning my box but also one of the reasons I ultimately decided not to choose them as my regular subscription box. I was too impatient to get crafting to wait around!

The theme of this box was seaside cottages and the project was to make a decorative hanging of little wooden huts. Inside the box was:

• Four wooden houses
• Wooden baton
• Wooden beads
• Acrylic paints
• Paint brush
• Paint pen
• Thread
• House templates
• Tracing paper

The idea was to paint the little houses, giving them a weathered look and then add details with the paint pen such as windows and doors using the templates and tracing paper to transfer the designs onto the painted wooden blocks. Once they were all painted and dried you could then attach them to the wooden baton using the thread so they hung down. I found tying them on a bit fiddly as it was hard to keep the baton and house still to estimate the correct hanging length. A second pair of hands probably would have been helpful at that point!

This wasn’t my favourite craft project I’ve completed, but looking back at some of the past boxes on the Craftiosity website (https://craftiosity.co.uk/) they have done some really exciting looking projects previously. I suppose that’s the joy of subscription boxes, you never know what you’re going to get and it’s always good to try something new, otherwise how will you know if you like it or not?

I’d like to say thank you very much to Moira, the founder of Craftiosity for picking me as the winner!

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