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Breakfast Time Embroidery

I’ve been eyeing up this embroidery kit for a while now and decided to buy it for myself as a lockdown treat! Having previously done other kits by The Make Arcade ( including the Christmas Craftvent calendar and a cactus brooch I was excited about this one as I have enjoyed the others so much and found them to all be of good quality.

Included in the kit was:

  • Pre-printed cotton
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Felt

My first thought when I opened the box was ‘Is that it?!” For some reason I had the impression from seeing pictures on Instagram that it was going to be a larger hoop, say about 20cm diameter, but it’s actually only about 10cm, which makes it perfect for a quick embroidery project to do in front of the telly, but took me a bit by surprise! When I looked back at the website and my order it clearly says that it’s a mini embroidery kit, so I’m clearly not very observant!

Once I got over that the whole kit was very straightforward. The fabric went into the hoop and each of the sections to be filled in was numbered, and each number corresponded to a coloured thread. There was an easy to read diagram of the embroidery and a key to show which colours were which, including the DMC number of each thread. This wasn’t really necessary as the threads were loose without any packaging and it was easy to tell where each one went, but useful to know what the colours were if you want to use them again for another project. 

Also included was a guide to embroidery that I thought was very well written. It outlined how to separate the thread and put your fabric into the hoop as well as a number of different stitches you can use in the project. It also had a section about how to finish it off at the back by sewing a running stitch around the edge to pull in the excess fabric and then attaching a circle of felt to hide the mess! I glued my felt on, but I might go back at a later date and stitch around the edge to give it a neater finish.

There was only a small amount of each coloured thread provided with the kit, which obviously keeps costs down, but also meant that I felt like I had to be quite careful and try not to make any mistakes. It wasn’t a problem with some colours like the yellow or pinks, but I was only left with a short length of the brown and lighter green by the end and the blue for the mug and the text completely ran out half way through. I matched it as best as I could with some other thread I had hanging around, but it’s not quite a full match. Hopefully it’s not too noticeable to the casual observer!

The kit cost £13 plus shipping. They have several other designs available too. I quite like the look of the galaxy one!

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