Modern Embroidery

This weekend I did something pretty special. The amazing Meg from Nutmeg and Honeybee ( visited England all the way from San Diego, California to host a modern embroidery workshop at The London Loom ( Meg began her creative journey through baking but branched out into embroidery after feeling like baking on its own wasn’t fulfilling her creative flair. 

The term ‘modern embroidery’ can be interpreted in a range of different ways but often focuses on abstract or geometric shapes, simple lines and patterns, but for Meg the most important thing is introducing texture to the piece. This can be done in a variety of ways such as using a range of fibres, not only embroidery thread but also yarns and rope including sewing over the rope to create raised areas. Beads and the use of French knots are a great way to add more texture to areas of the piece.

To begin the session Meg got us to choose a colour palette from the threads spread out of the table. She then showed us a range of stitches which she uses to create her pieces. We learnt satin stitch, French knots, rope stitch and turkey stitch, which creates lovely fringing or can be used to create flowers.

After the demonstration we drew out designs on our fabric using a water soluble fabric pen which can be washed off when the piece is finished. My aim for the workshop was to try each of the stitches whilst I was there with Meg and she could advise if I had any problems. 

The concept for my piece was a crescent moon with a cloud over the top. This is a time consuming hobby and Meg said that she would spend an average of six to seven hours on one piece but it could be more, especially if it was a larger piece. During the workshop I only got one moon crater and a section of the cloud finished. 

Finished cloud after some work at home

At home I’ve worked to finished it using various textures and different yarns, however it’s still not finished and I want to add some beads and another colour into the sky to give the piece more pattern and depth.

This workshop was a lovely way to spend three hours, with wonderful like-minded people from all around the world. Meg has several other workshops lined up but unfortunately they are all in America. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on her schedule to see if she is going to do any more workshops in the UK. Not only was the workshop great but we were all sent home with a pair of scissors, three different sized needles and plenty of thread, yarn and beads to complete our works of art.

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