Biscuit Decorating

I didn’t have anything particularly creative planned for this week, besides my usual hobbies, but earlier in the week as I browsed Instagram, Tea and Crafting ( were promoting spaces on their biscuit decorating class on Sunday morning and on the spur of the moment I thought ‘why not’ and booked it there and then!

The class was run by a lovely lady called Bhavi who introduced herself as a henna artist who had branched out not only to food but also applying her designs to gifts, home ware and wedding favours ( For biscuit decorating she used henna piping bags fill with icing to create intricate patterns. We started the class working our way through several worksheets she had designed to get us used to using the piping bag and controlling the pressure to create thick and thin lines, dots and other various shapes. We practiced several designs such as flowers and mandalas using a piping bag filled with acrylic paint before moving on to icing our biscuits.

Bhavi allowed us free reign to choose whichever designs we liked but kept a frequent eye on us, giving us advice on using the piping bags and tips on how to get the best out of them. We had six biscuits each which had already been covered in a layer of plain icing and three bags filled with different coloured icing; blue, pink and yellow.

The class was two and a half hours and cost £55. There were only three of us in the class, which in some ways was good because it meant we were sure to receive individual attention, but in other ways was a shame as I think that kind of class would have been better with a larger number of people. I can see why the free spaces were being promoted on social media, but I suppose Sunday morning is a bit of a strange time for a craft class; most people want a lie in at the weekend!

Despite this I had a nice time. It was a very peaceful class and it was nice to spend the morning doing something so calm and quite therapeutic. It was also quite amusing to see how terrible my skills were during the practice phase, however I definitely improved during the course of the morning and was amazed by how intricate you can be with such a small piping bag and nozzle. My family certainly admired my designs before demolishing all the biscuits!

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